Trent Reznor Does NOT support an ISP tax

I was asked by Saul’s camp to do some press with CNET explaining my position on releasing Saul’s download numbers to the public. It seemed like a good opportunity to explain where I was coming from. We spoke for over an hour and I left the conversation thinking I’d cleared up the misconception that I thought the entire release of “niggytardust” was a failure.

Well, it appears the story was written before I was involved, and I woke up the next day to find out I’m a supporter of an ISP tax. Thanks, CNET. I believe I was asked for possible solutions for the recording industry to which I replied something along the lines of “perhaps an additional 5 dollars on your ISP bill that allowed you complete, easy access to all the music in the world would work”. Of course in reality this would never work because it would require accurate accounting, agreement among thieves, etc. And, who the fuck cares what I think about this, anyway?

Well, that became the attention-grabbing headline and thanks to Google alerts I can see that lazy journalists all through the internet love a good headline to borrow.

Aside from all that…
Here’s a good read a friend sent:,,2241544,00.htmlread more | digg story


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