Awesome Mashup: Celebrity Heads on Money

Advanced Photoshop Pictures Gallery – 26 image entries


 Contest Directions:  There’s a new craze going in United Kingdom – people take pictures of themselves partially covered with folded banknotes (mostly with queen Elizabeth) in the foreground. The result is merged faces of people and queen Elizabeth on the banknotes. The mix looks surprisingly natural for some. See example – the queen is bald!.
In your entries you should include a banknote (or any country) folded so that the person depicted on the banknote is merged with any celebrity or politician of your choice, similar to how it’s done in this example. Feel welcome to merge the lower part of the face on the banknote or upper part. Please don’t forget to include the name of the celebrity in the entry title.

Top 26 Contest Gallery Pictures

 This photoshop gallery of pictures only contains our top 26 picture selections from its parent contest Money Celebrities. All 37 contest pictures gallery and contest information can be viewed here.

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    NOTE: This picture gallery is copyright protected. You may not repost any of the pictures inside this gallery on external sites (including message boards and non-profit sites) without express permission from FreakingNews.

    Ben Bernanke Money pictures
    Ben Bernanke Money
    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
    Jack Nicholson Money pictures
    Jack Nicholson Money
    Jack Nicholson behind a hundred dollar bill.
    Abraham Lincoln Money pictures
    Abraham Lincoln Money
    Keira Knightly Australian Money pictures
    Keira Knightly Australian Money
    Johnny CASH Money pictures
    Johnny CASH Money
    A little tribute to the man in black, Johnny Cash.
    Dr. Evil Money pictures
    Dr. Evil Money
    Brad Pitt Money pictures
    Brad Pitt Money
    Fred Thompson Money pictures
    Fred Thompson Money
    Fred is perfect for a $2.00 bill.
    Kenny Rogers Money pictures
    Kenny Rogers Money
    Kenny Rogers and a Grant bill
    Mr. Bean Money pictures
    Mr. Bean Money
    Mr. Bean Invade the Philippines Currency…just for the holiday season.
    John Kennedy Money pictures
    John Kennedy Money
    Marconi is on the other side
    Gene Wilder Money pictures
    Gene Wilder Money
    Bin Laden Money pictures
    Bin Laden Money
    Steve McQueen Money pictures
    Steve McQueen Money
    Lindsay  Lohan Money pictures
    Lindsay Lohan Money
    Jack Sparrow Money pictures
    Jack Sparrow Money
    Colin Farrell Money pictures
    Colin Farrell Money
    Hope you like it
    Laurie Hugh Money pictures
    Laurie Hugh Money
    Laurie Hugh
    Pope Money pictures
    Pope Money
    This version is submitted for the sake of purety ie. the folded note as opposed to a merged whole note.
    Phyllis Diller Money pictures
    Phyllis Diller Money
    Phyllis Diller
    TomKat Money pictures
    TomKat Money
    Elvis Money pictures
    Elvis Money
    Ben Stiller Money pictures
    Ben Stiller Money
    Ben Stiller
    Julia Roberts Money pictures
    Julia Roberts Money
    George Lucas Money pictures
    George Lucas Money
    On a 2000 Lire note
    Matthew Mcconaughey  Money pictures
    Matthew Mcconaughey Money
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