Wil Wheaton (“Wesley Crusher”) Comes Back To Star Trek


He appears in his cleaned and pressed Starfleet uniform as the USS Titan’s Assistant Chief Engineer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. The Titan is the Federation Starship commanded by Captain William Riker of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Wil starred a the young Wesley Crusher on that now famous Star Trek spin-off show that rejuvenated the Star Trek television franchise with three more spin-off series’. Fans of the Trek franchise literally watched Wheaton (ala Crusher) grown up on the set from an inquisitive young teen to a fine young man. The Next Generation spawned four of its own big screen film features, in which Wheaton appeaed in the final Next Gen film titled “Nemesis.”

The part Wheaton stars in for this new adventure is actually a short video that was shot for the exciting new “Star Trek: The Tour” that opens next Thursday (Jan. 17) in Long Beach, California aboard the famous Queen Mary vessel.

More information can be found on Wil’s blog and for full details about Star Trek: The Tour, go HERE.


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