Fans Draw the Cloverfield Monster! (MAJOR SPOILERS!)

My good friend Pete over at /Film has come across a bunch of awesome fan-drawn pictures of the monster(s) from this week’s big release, Cloverfield. Of course, we have seen a few fake images of the monster, but those have been debunked. So while the images that you are about to see (which were found over on the Unfiction Forums) are not the actual monster from the movie, they are drawings by fans who have seen the film. Thank all that is holy for pre-screenings. Just click the images below to enlarge.

The first image is said to be the closest to the real monster:

This one is an artist’s reproduction of the parasitic organisms that come off of the monster:

Cloverfield hits theaters on Friday, January 18. Feel free to discuss below amongst yourselves. Also, check out this image, which shows a very slow motion view of the monster in the trailer.

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