MPAA double standard

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rejects movie posters that aren’t suitable for children to view. As the MPAA recently explained, as they rejected a movie’s poster:

Ads will be seen by all audiences, including children. If the advertising is not suitable for all audiences it will not be approved by the advertising administration.

So that’s why they rejected this poster:


Oh, wait, no, they approved that poster. I guess the image of a woman bound and hanging upsidedown, apparently about to be tortured for the audience’s entertainment, is suitable for “all audiences, including children.”

Here’s the poster they rejected:


Oh, my mistake, they found that one suitable for all audiences too.

Okay, here’s the poster they really rejected:


That time I didn’t even fool you, did I? You’re right, the MPAA found that image acceptable for all audiences. There’s no way any kid would be traumatized by something as mundane as a man’s severed head in a grocery scale.

So what was the image that the MPAA rejected as not “suitable” for “all audiences, including children”? Here it is:


This poster for “Taxi To The Dark Side,” a documentary about the U.S. government’s use of torture, is what the MPAA is protecting our children’s tender eyes from.

Because of the hood.

But — the MPAA assures us — their standard is reasonable, because if that “Saw IV” poster had had a hood over the severed head, they would have rejected it too.

Gosh, no double standard there.

Oh, well, at least this is some sort of aberration. It’s not like the MPAA has a history of right-wing double-standards.

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