The Ten Hottest Movie Babes of ‘07!

When you have to see all the movies that get released, you see a lot of crap. What keeps me going through all that crap is the parade of babes in the films. What’s nice is that while some good films (like Michael Clayton) don’t have a hot babe for miles, some real stinkers (like D.O.A.: Dead or Alive) are packed with them.

To honor the hot chicks of 2007’s releases, here’s a list of the ones that really came on strong. While there are other good lookin’ tomatoes in films, these are the ones that really made a splash, and maybe a little news.

Flame on!

10. Lena Headley
She’s done some really crappy movies in the past, but her boobie-jiggling turn in Zack Snyder’s 300 made us all take notice. And, if I had left her off the list, I would be killed by scores of internet geeks.


9. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
She’s been around for a while as a cute girl in movies, but her cheerleader outfit in Death Proof and her ass-kicking style in Live Free or Die Hard made her one for the books.


8. Eva Mendes
I’m not saying she can act, but she (and her cleavage) were more compelling in Ghost Rider than the special effects or Nicolas Cage. And that swift nudie moment in We Own the Night was a nice tag to her 2007 acting resume.


7. Amy Adams
We forget that she was a voice in Underdog, but we remember her tight skirts in Charlie Wilson’s War. But best of all, she was awesome in the Golden Globe-nominated Enchanted. That girl can make clothes out of my curtains any day.


6. Alicia Keys
She managed to be sexier on screen than Scarlett Johansson in The Nanny Diaries, but I prefer to remember her as the gun totin’ prostitute in Smokin’ Aces.


5. Rachel Taylor
The only reason this gorgeous blonde beauty didn’t steal the show in Transformers was because of #2 on this list.


4. Michelle Pfeiffer
I don’t care if she’s pushing 50. She looked better than ever in both Stardust and Hairspray.


3. Sydney Poitier
For those folks with a foot fetish, you’ll love her in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. We need more of this girl in movies.


2. Megan Fox
For as bad of an actress as this girl is, she makes up for it with her sultry sexiness on screen. If only I could have been Shia LeBeouf for a day.


1. Jessica Alba
No big surprise here. I love this woman. I’d even love her when she’s pregnant and marrying another guy. Even though she was in some of the worst films of 2007 (including Good Luck Chuck and Awake), I still like watching her on screen.



Jama Mays
Yeah, Epic Movie was an epic turd, but this redhead is just adorable on screen.


Monica Bellucci
Lactating prostitute. What more can you say?


Italia Ricci
Straight-to-DVD on American Pie Presents Beta House… More like straight-to-… Well, you get the point.


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