Five Girls To Watch for in 2008

2007 was a good year for people who like hot chicks. The launch of hotties like “Transformers” star Megan Fox and the continued hotness of the likes of Jessica Biel and Alessandra Ambrosia kept happy in the aught seven. But it’s a new year… and we’ll need some new gals to look forward to ogling in the months to come.

Cheyenne Kimball


She was introduced to the world as a pip squeak singer-songwriter on her very own MTV reality show. Well, now she’s all grown up. Grown out too. I don’t expect many of you to run out to Sam Goody to buy any of her records (mainly because no one goes to Sam Goody anymore), but that doesn’t mean you can’t look. And look you will.

Blake Lively


Gossip Girl to some, that chick who wanted hard lemonade in “Superbad” to others and hot to just about everyone with a pulse. Ms. Lively was poised to have a big 2008, had the writer’s strike not stalled production on her CW teen drama, but with her looks and her rock-solid connections (she’s been in TWO films with Jonah Hill), expect to see more of her hot visage in Oh Ate.

Alina Vacariu


Alina is Romanian and she is hot. That’s all you really need to know. She’s this year’s sexy Eastern European girl.

Camilla Belle


The 21-year-old beauty is best known as the lead in the 2006 remake of “When A Stranger Calls.” While the movie wasn’t that great, she showed off serious acting chops and her stunning good looks. 2008 will be a breakout year for Camilla thanks in part to a starring role in “10,000 B.C.” (Roland Emmerich’s first new film since “The Day After Tomorrow”). With more time in the limelight, Ms. Belle will be able to show off her gorgeous looks and those killer eyes.

Emily Blunt


She played second banana in “The Devil Wears Prada” but her stunning looks nearly stole the show from right under Anne Hathaway’s feet. Ms. Blunt’s already a lauded actress (she won a Golden Globe in 2005) and has several film projects coming this year. But anyone who saw her short but steamy performance in “Charlie Wilson’s War” knows it’ll be her year, at least in part, because she knows how to look good in–and out–of any outfit.

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